Voice Reel

Below you can listen or download tracks from my voice reel. If you want to me to send you all these tracks on a CD, please contact me.

Scroll to the bottom of the page for singing clips.

Track Name: Track Length: Play Track:
Voice Reel Mix 1:19 (1.81MB)
LSD 0:45 (1.00MB)
Kiss Presents Massive '08 0:18 (0.39MB)
Marks & Spencer 0:34 (0.76MB)
BT Broadband 0:25 (0.54MB)
Jackanory Junior 0:18 (0.38MB)
Home Office 0:38 (0.85MB)
Little White Lies 0:25 (0.55MB)
Oxjam 1:16 (1.69MB)
The Lion, The Witch & The Wardrobe (Narration) 1:55 (2.64MB)
Extract from Secrets (Narration) 1:40 (2MB)
Extract from The Wills's Girls (BBC Radio 4) 1:36 (2.20MB)
Computer Games Reel 1:21 (1.9MB)
Singing Clips:
We're Here
(Excerpt from Peter Pan featuring Kate Rawson as Peter)
2:03 (3.00MB)
Not Getting Married Today
(Excerpt from Company featuring Kate Rawson as Amy
>and Mark Hutchinson as Paul)
1:55 (2.60MB)
Baby Mine 2:14 (3.10MB)